Our Annual Sample Sale: Talking Strategy

This one is for the bag lovers.  SPECIFICALLY the ones who love BETTER LIFE Bags.  And the ones that like to buy when things are on SALE.  We are having - what is turning into - an annual Sample Sale over at Better Life Bags tomorrow (Wednesday, June 25) at 9am EST.  The sale will [...]


A Working Plan for Social Media

This one is for the shop owners who have a presence online.  The ones who get overwhelmed with all the social media options.  And want to do it all WELL. I got super swimmy and overwhelmed the other day when I thought about all the different social media platforms out there.  Intentionality is so important [...]


Keep Your Head Down

{This one is for the dreamers... the big thinkers... but most of all - the comparison makers.} Gosh.  Life can get so overwhelming at times, can't it.  I don't know about you, but I can dream big sometimes.  Funny - I never thought of myself as a "big dreamer" until I started Better Life Bags. [...]


A NEW Start

I’m starting something new on this blog.  Something that will give me the space to grow and learn.  And share both with you. Better Life Bags has grown from a small handmade hobby to an entire company with employees and I have found myself (and this blog) squeezed out.  Not in a bad way, but in [...]