aboutHi friend.  I’m Rebecca.

A wife.  A mother.  A daughter.  A sister.  A friend.  A creative entrepreneur and a Child of God.

I started blogging back in the Xanga and Live Journal days.  Musings about – oh I can’t even remember.  What I’d give to be able to find those accounts again.  I’m sure I deleted the entire blog in a middle of the night emotional coma during my college or post-college years.

This is my space on the Internet to tell my story.  To open the windows to my heart and let words pour out.  It’s through writing that my life makes sense.  The pieces fall together and the threads of my story are woven.

I write for myself.  I write for my children.  And I write for you.

I share the struggles of motherhood – because Lord knows it doesn’t come easy to me.  I capture moments and memories so that my children can look back and remember, too.  I open up about the joys and messes of living a life of service in our Detroit community.  And I write about failures and flops as a creative entrepreneur feeling my way through running a flourishing online company – Better Life Bags.

One thing I promise: I won’t report on my day.  I will simply unfold the layers upon layers of story and hope that inspires, teaches, and captures these tiny moments that create LIFE.

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