5 Ways to Save (for your next Better Life Bag)

Every now and then I see a comment on our Better Life Bag Facebook or Instagram saying something along the lines of, “I could never afford one of these bags”.  And you know why that makes me so frustrated?  Because everyone can afford one of our bags.  Truly.  You can.  Maybe you can’t drop $250 on a bag THIS weekend, but with a little planning and little saving, I guarantee that you’ll have a BLB on your shoulder faster than you think.

We’ve brainstormed 5 ways for you to easily save some extra dough – and you’ll barely feel a thing!

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  1. Start carrying cash around and squirrel away every $5 bill that you receive.  One of our employees has a sister who started this in January and she already has over $300 saved.  In less than 3 months!  I promise you won’t miss that $5.  You’d probably just spend it on gum at the gas station anyway.
  2. Again, use cash for all your payments and save that change!  Or – find out if your bank will allow for a “Save the Change” program.  It rounds up every debit card purchase to the next dollar and saves the extra change for your in a Savings Account!
  3. Skip the salon and paint your own nails for awhile.  I started doing this last year after buying this at home gel manicure set.  And I have to say, I’m pleased with the results from it and have loved the extra money and time I’ve saved from the salon.
  4. Ask for a BLB Gift Card for EVERY occasion.  Birthday, Mother’s Day, President’s Day, 4th of July.  Are you a homeschool mama?  Teacher Appreciation Day is May 8th.  March 9th is International Women’s Day – and I bet you’re a woman.  Ask for a gift card.  Be bold.
  5. Purge your closet and sell it on FB Marketplace, Instagram, or Poshmark!  I recently decided that I wanted all of my clothes to fit on one small rack in my closet.  Living in our camper, Gidget for 2 weeks in Florida really inspired me to get rid of all the extra stuff that I live with.  Up until now, I’ve been thinking I’ll just donate everything.  But maybe the extra cash would be motivating!

Think about how rewarding it will be when you finally pick your design and hit the “Buy Now” button.  You deserve it!  The old proverb is true… good things come to those who wait.

What ideas do you have?  How have you saved creatively for a Better Life Bag?

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