December Goals


I write these more for me, but also for accountability.  And maybe you can glean a bit of where I am by seeing where I want to go.

I caught puke in my hands this morning without freaking out.  So, I feel like I should lead with that.  Because whatever else I “accomplish” this month will forever be trumped by how December started.  I’ve already done So. Much.

December for me is the best month of the year.  But usually it goes by in such a fury and hustle that I miss much of it.  But not this month.  I’m determined.

So, hold me accountable to these things:

  1. No shopping.  I’m actually completely done with Christmas shopping for the year.  Partly because I love gift buying so much and am usually scouring the sales and the catalogues and researching the gift guides.  I love the possibilities and all the options of what I could possibly buy for the kids and our family.  It’s usually a huge letdown when the gifts are bought and no more searching can be done.  BUT, since I am done, I need to stop looking.  Our house doesn’t need anymore decorations, we don’t need any new clothes, and all the gifts are done.
  2. Social Media Break.  Especially after a conversation I had yesterday with a friend of mine who also works online, I’m even more determined to take a break from inhaling the Internet.  The more I scroll, the more I wish my house looked like so-and-so’s.  The more I see friendships flaunted online, the more I feel in a place of lack.  The more I spend time online, the less I spend in real life.  The more I see you showing off what amazing thing your husband did for you, the more I feel like my husband isn’t enough.  It’s a dangerous place, that Internet.  Consuming too much of it will make you sick.  I don’t even think I’ll post much for the month.  I don’t want to become that trigger for lack in someone else’s life.
  3. Write more regularly.  For me, this isn’t a contradiction of #2.  I may write online as I process my thoughts offline because this blog is a collection of essays and my time stamp for life as it stands now.  I process life through writing. I’ve started more journal writing, though – things in my actual real life journal with an ink pen.  Feels ancient, but oh so good.  What good can we do or post online when our actual lives are so void?  I hope to specifically blog about Advent and the waiting of our King to come back – what a weary world we live in.
  4. Drink 16 cups of water a day.  I’m being realistic here.  I’m not going to exercise much in the month of December.  I’m probably not even going to eat the best.  I mean, Christmas cookies are coming.  But I can force myself to chug 128 oz of water a day.  Cold ice water.  Because that will make my body work harder to bring it down to room temperature.  Right?  Dieting hack?   Maybe.
  5. Focus on Advent and Family.  I’m currently re-reading Ann Voskamp’s Advent books with my kids and for myself.  I just love the way she brings the Christmas story alive and with new meaning.  I want to quiet my soul so that I can hear His coming.  Because so often His coming comes in whispers and small voices and in the quiet falling of snow.

Much love to you this Christmas as you cozy up in your robe and slippers – maybe a new kitty on your lap – sitting by fires and under twinkle lights.  Let’s quiet ourselves and the noise and the hustle.  Let’s be ok with not knowing, not having, and not being there.  Because the Gift we have and have been given is so worth the pause.

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  • Lindsay Martin December 1, 2016, 10:37 pm

    Two things 1. Your insta stories are my favorite- I always appreciate how just normal and real they are. 2. I was thinking about ditching social media for December and your insta post made me think WHY THE HECK NOT. Excited to set my eyes on the things that matter this sweet season, and high fives for knowing others are doing it too. ????????

    • Rebecca January 11, 2017, 2:39 pm

      Ahhhhh this is so exciting! I’m going to actually be taking every last week of the month off the internet. I hope you join me!

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