A Few of My Favorite Things – November 2016

The other night, I sat down with my friend for our bi-weekly chat.  She demanded that I bring my notebook and pen so we could brainstorm about blogging.  We both love writing, and we both can feel paralyzed by not knowing what to say.  That night we committed ourselves to taking “imperfect action” and we also brainstormed a few blog post ideas that we enjoy reading on other blogs.

Posts about “Favorite Things” was on my list.

I enjoy learning about what other people are loving, and I for SURE love to share the things I’m currently digging.

So, I gathered up some of my favs for a little photo shoot on our dining room table and am sitting down to write about them.


  1. Propagating my succulents.  Did you know you can do this?  You just break off the succulent leaves, let them callous over, then set them on top of soil – spraying with a water bottle every few days.  They will eventually (hopefully) sprout a new baby succulent!  This is my very favorite Gardening Expert.  I’ve watched every video she has about gardening and basically wish I was her.
  2. Natural Red Essentials.  This stuff is hand-batched in Detroit.  The owner, Amy, stopped by the workshop last weekend and left us a bunch of product.  I immediately grabbed the Cracks in Whack hand cream.  It’s amazing.  I’ve never used anything better.  Honest to goodness truth.  It’s thick, it lasts a long time, and I can pronounce all the ingredients.  And her creativity with those titles.  Hilarious.
  3. Lipsense.  LIPSENSE.  You guys.  If you follow me on Instagram and you watch my InstaStories, you KNOW I’m obsessed.  It’s a long wearing lipstick product in so many shades.  I have about 12 different ones, but considering you can mix colors together to make new ones, I have probably 2,000 shades.  I wear it almost every single day – and my other lip glosses and lipsticks are pointless to me now.  My go-to color for everyday wear is Bombshell.  I can’t believe how long it lasts.  My mom was always right when she told me that I just look more alive with lipstick on.  And now I don’t have to fuss with reapplying every 17th minute of the day.  It’s a self care item that I’m happy to check off the list.  {Here’s my lip lady. And her IG account.}
  4. Famous in Heaven and at Home by Michelle Myers.  I’ve really been enjoying moving through this book on a daily basis.  It’s a devotional book taking you through the character of the Proverbs 31 woman.  But in a way that is challenging yet grace oriented.  I love that she talks a lot about online life because that is super prevalent and real to me and not many people are talking about the realities of it.
  5. Sudio Sweden headphones.  I was gifted this pair of wireless headphones back in the middle of the summer.  I use them every time I go to the gym.  I love the way they look and the cute leather case they come in.  And I especially love that I no longer accidentally get caught up in my headphone cord on the treadmill and send my phone flying across the gym.  I wish they were a little louder, though – I hate hearing myself pant while running.  And if I get running too fast (usually nothing to worry about – ha) or am doing jump rope rounds, they don’t stay in my ears.  I believe my code for 15% off anything on their site is still valid if you want to get a few Christmas gifts: rebecca16

What’s something YOU can’t stop talking about lately?

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