A Letter to My Kids {November 9, 2016}

A letter to my dear, dear children on November 9th, 2016 –



First of all, I’m giving up nap time to write this.  So you must know it’s of dire importance.  I’m explaining some really important things to remember and asking humbly for your forgiveness.  Not even a cup of coffee to keep me going.  It’s rough, but it must be done.

Even though we voted Third Party, I know you were rooting for Hillary Clinton.  Pronounced HiLLLary CaLinton in our house – emphasis on pronouncing those L sounds correctly.  Sweet Clara, you stayed up way past your bedtime because you wanted to see the first woman become President.  We kept telling you it may not happen, but your heart was set.

It killed us to tell you this morning what happened.  A man with less experience beat out a woman who has been in politics all her life.  I can’t explain it to you, darling.  But you keep fighting.  You keep your chin up and demand the respect that you deserve – the respect that your Daddy gives the women in his life.  We will see the first woman President in our lifetime together, peanut.  And it’ll be the right woman.  We don’t want just any woman to break through that glass ceiling.  We want the right one to lead through with honesty, humility, and strong grace.  So many eyes will be on her.

You need to know that Donald Trump is our President and we will honor and respect that despite our thoughts on his character.  In fact, your Daddy and I need to ask for your forgiveness about our attitude toward him during the past few months.  We have been disgusted with his behavior, annoyed with his hair, frustrated with his unprofessional mannerisms, and humored by his facial expressions.  April Fools Day came and went and Donald kept going – totally serious.  We started laughing less and less.  And we modeled all of this in front of you.  Let me be clear: Donald Trump is not actually Satan.  It’s true.  He is a human being who has made really bad choices.  But so are we, aren’t we?  That’s what we so desperately need Jesus.  And why we will pray every day that President Trump will find the person of Jesus absolutely undeniable.

Here’s what hurts in Mommy’s heart today:

We reassured our seamstresses at BLB and our immigrant friends that there was no way he would be elected.  His loose talk has communicated racism, bigotry, and hatred toward American people who don’t look like him – or us.  Look around at the kids in your school, guys.  Hamtramck is a flavorful city with diverse people of every nationality.  Lots of those people woke up today feeling unwelcome and unwanted in America.  This isn’t true, is it?  A large man may tell our friends and neighbors that they aren’t welcome, but we will fling open our doors even wider.  We will neighbor harder and better because of this.  We vote love – over and over again.

And if real threat and jurisdiction starts to pop up under his presidency, you can bet that we will make signs, hold hands, march, sing chants, and use our voice real loud, ok?  All of us.  Cubby, too!  To spread love.  To encourage peace.  To prove that people of different nationalities can get along.  That’s what makes America so wonderful.

We are sad.  We are confused.  But you need to know that we stand behind him as an American in the best way we know how – on our knees in prayer.  And we are hopeful of the good he now has the power to do.

Here is why I’m NOT afraid:

Elections are held every four years.  And every four years America is holding her breath and staying up really late to see who won.  And every year, half of the country is let down.  But our family has experienced a paradigm shift, ok?  Our vision of this world is seen through the light of the Gospel.  We don’t trust in government leaders or in people – we trust in the Lord our God.  God sits on the throne.  But that doesn’t mean that we sit idly by.  We vote for the America that expresses the most love, the most inclusivity, and the most opportunity for all.  And then we live that out in our daily interactions with people.  And we especially and intentionally surround ourselves with people who are different than us.  Life is sweeter that way.

If we lose – like this year – we are not shaken.  Because despite any President or any law that is passed, we adhere to these laws: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self control.  Against these there is no law!  If our taxes are cut – we will still have the same attitude of giving to those who need.  Our money is meant to be shared.  If government welfare programs cease to exist, we will open up community centers and continue to create more jobs through Better Life Bags and any other enterprise God gives our little family to steward.  We will surround single mothers and become foster parents to help alleviate burden.  We will sit with the lonely at lunch and share our ball with the outcast.  It’s hard work, but it’s GOOD work.

And here’s why I’m hopeful:

Waking up to the news of this Presidency has driven our family deep back into the Word.  Into Truth.  And into peace because our outcome is sure.  We don’t place allegiance to the President – or even to our country despite the pledge you say at school.  Our allegiance is already given to our True King.  The One who makes all things new.  Who turns winter into spring.  Who settles the waves with His voice.  Who brings true peace and everlasting life.

Our trust has never been and will never be in the President – this particular one is just a little easier to keep off a pedestal of idolatry.  So, now let’s go start a new tradition of getting ice-cream on the day after Election Day – to celebrate the Real Leader of our lives!

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  • Mindy Curtis November 23, 2016, 6:47 am

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter!!

  • Rebecca Overall January 13, 2017, 11:04 am

    Ah. You see. You have me crying on a Friday morning. What a wonderful message to your babes.

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