Snapchat vs Instagram Stories: How I’m using each one.


{Those pictures are from our week in Ireland.  This post will have nothing to do with our trip.  Carry on.}

It’s Friday again.  And soon I will need to find a new way to start off these weekly blog posts.  It’s becoming redundant.

The problem is – it’s my third week logging into my blogging platform, and EACH WEEK I need to reset my password because I can’t remember what it is.  So, my blog is the most secure one on the Internet since there is a constant new password.  Safety first.

But back to what matters.  And probably the biggest news buzzing the mazes of the Internet this week.  Instagram copied Snapchat.  And while I am in Ireland and could be talking about what it’s like to travel with children or drive on the left side of the road (terrifying), I’ve promised myself that I will sit each Friday night and blog about whatever comes out.  And Instagram vs. Snapchat is bursting out my fingertips.

I have a lot of feelings about my beloved Insta plagiarizing Snapchat in a true Melina vs Michelle moment.  But, instead of taking sides, I’m going to share how I have decided use each platform along with some general “Dos and Don’ts” for each one.

I use Snapchat as our family video memory album.  At the end of each day, I download the whole ‘story’ and it becomes a 7min recap of what we did.  Each clip is only 10 seconds, so it prevents me from videoing TOO much.  Although, on this vacation, I think I’ve snapped about every minute.  Which in my opinion, is too much for Snapchat.  But, the platform is for me – not for the people I follow.  So, I don’t really care.  We use the fun filters as tools to beat boredom and have a good laugh, but I rarely post them as snaps.  Again, snapchat is for my family memories.  I’m not out to entertain or educate anyone watching.  Think: family movies.

This is why I’m so excited about Instagram stories.  I’m a pretty sassy person.  Instagram stories has become my platform to share funny things, encouragement, real life stressful mom moments, and more.  I had found on Snapchat that I wanted to share things like that, but I didn’t want them in the “family story” that I downloaded at the end of each day.  My kids don’t need to know that their mother is anything but meek and kind.  You know?  And since you CAN’T download an entire day’s worth of stories on Instagram, it’s become my perfect platform for unfiltered chatter that disappears in 24 hours.

I’ve also LOVED the community interaction from Instagram Stories.  You can message anyone you follow and I’ve “met” so many more of you who commented on something I said or a question I asked.  I respond to every single one.

Snapchat is HARD to find people on since you can’t search easily.  So if you are a brand or a business, I suggest moving over to Instagram Stories.  There seems to be a bigger reach there, too.  If you DO use Instagram Stories, keep them short, funny, and entertaining.  Maybe just 4-5 clips a day.  There are a LOT of stories to wade through on Instagram now – and while it’s fun to see the faces behind the ‘grams I follow, if you have too much to say or too many videos of your kids eating pizza, it gets boring and Imma skip right over.

Instagram will probably be adding a lot of new features to the Stories over the next few weeks, which may change how I decide to use each platform, but I’m landing here for now.   Snapchat = family movies.  Instagram = an extension of my personality.

And you can find me on both accounts here:
Snapchat  = search for “rebeccaisonline”
Instagram = @rebeccasmithonline

As far as the Better Life Bags account, we will use Instagram Stories when I’m at the office and something new and exciting is happening like new products, new fabrics, or a sale.  I’m thinking of Instagram Stories as mini/choppy Periscopes for our business.  BLB never got around to using Snapchat anyway and have built such an amazing community of fans and followers on Instagram that I’m thrilled to get to communicate with them in this way now.  (As soon as I get back from Ireland).

The night that Instagram launched their Stories was probably the best night on social media in awhile.  Seeing everyone’s first snaps was absolutely hilarious.  I wished that I could have downloaded them all and made a montage video of everyone staring at their phone in utter confusion.  And going back and forth between Snapchat and Insta to see everyone’s emotions was reminiscent of passing notes between fighting friends in Junior High.

So, I leave you with this.

Will you break up with Snapchat and go out with Insta Stories?  
Circle one:
Yes or No. 


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