Birth Certificate LIES and Underwear.


It’s Friday.  Already.  Again.  And I’ve committed to blog every Friday – about whatever comes to my mind.

I should start by telling you all that I have lived 33 years believing that I was born in St. Paul, MN.  I’ve written that for every application and “forgot password” security question that I could.  If I met you and found out that YOU were from St. Paul, I would have rejoiced about how much we had in common.

However, this week, as Neil was gathering documents he needed to re-enlist in the Army, he found my birth certificate.  In which it states Edina, MN as my birthplace.  You guys.  Edina is 45 minutes from St. Paul.

I have yet to confront my parents on this.  Mostly because they are 30,000 feet in the air on their way to Ireland and are unreachable by modern technology.

Maybe it’s similar to how everyone in a 1 hour radius of Chicago says that they are from Chicago.  And people who live in the suburbs of Detroit always say they live in Detroit.  But my BIRTHPLACE?  You would think someone would have been specific on that level of information.

Next, I’ll find out that I was adopted or have a twin sister who died at birth.  These things cannot be hidden.

In other news, I discovered the BEST underwear.  Seriously.  I think they are meant to only be worn during your period, but I’m wearing them everyday with magical results.  Anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, and everything great.  Probably too much information for my second consistent blog post, but since having kids, all of those things are so necessary in an underwear.  I know that they work because I’m NOT wearing one today (they are packed in my suitcase for Ireland) and I can smell tell.  And I actually bought lingerie laundry bags and have been hang drying them after their gentle cycle in the wash.  That’s what $30/pair will do to you.  It’ll help you GROW. UP. and do grown up things like take care of your delicates.  You should try them.  Here’s $10 and free shipping on your first order.  I promise you’ll be hooked.  I ordered one and then a week later ordered six more so I’d never have to go without.

I mentioned Ireland so casually above.  No big deal.  We leave on Sunday for IRELAND.  I can’t remember the last time I was out of the country.  Honestly.  I just took a two minute break from typing to think.  I can’t remember.  Which makes this trip nerve-wrecking and exhilarating all at the same time.  Do I bring peanut butter?  How can I make sure my phone will work?  They drive on the LEFT SIDE?  Craziness.  If all goes well, we may consider an out of country move after this next election.  No matter who wins.

We moved the BLB workshop this week and I keep pinching myself at how pretty it is.  White and natural wood and grey and the bright pops of color from our fabrics.  Mix that with the smell of leather and fresh paint, and I’m in heaven.  You can watch a quick tour before things got settled here.  But, keep an eye out on my Instagram for more sneak peeks that I grabbed today in photo form.

Ok.  I need to finish packing.  And wash and hang dry my underwear.  I’ll see you in Ireland.  Seriously.  I blog every Friday now and next Friday I’ll be in Ireland, lass.  And if that’s not enough of me, I Periscope on Wednesdays under the BetterLifeBags account.  I know, it’s a lot.

A bit of wisdom before I go.  Check your birth certificate.  You might find a lot of surprises lurking for you there.

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