Seeing Clearly

About a year ago, I went to the eye doctor to discover that I needed a mild prescription.  I kinda played it up as a dreaded old age thing seeing as I also turned 30 last year.  But I was secretly thrilled that I finally had a reason to pick out cute glasses that actually functioned.  You wore the fake glasses from Claire’s Boutique in college, too – I know you did.

But now I had real ones.  Real live glasses to be worn with confidence and void of fear of being found out that I was hiding behind $5.99 plastic lenses for a studious appearance.

David Kind

I love glasses.

I love the girls with glasses show.

I love the internet.

I love getting mail.

So… I loved getting glasses sent to me in the mail from stylists who knew my face shape and could make me look as trendy and put together as Summer and Brooke.

My experience with Dav/d K/nd was exceptional.  The glasses are the best I’ve ever worn.  The fit tightly and comfortably – unlike my pair from Lens Crafters that literally falls off my head when I bend over to pick up a toddler.  I was sent six pairs to try on with the cutest packaging and built in mirror.  And my stylist took great care of me and answered all my questions as well as giving me her opinion on my collage of options.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 10.27.53 AM

I was looking for something trendier and chunkier than the pair I currently owned and ultimately landed with the Otto (top middle pair).  Which is funny because Otto also made my shoes.

I’m forever grateful for the moment that darling optometrist switched some lenses on the bug-like device in front of my face and the writing in front of me magically came together with such crispness and clarity.

I could see.  Clearly.  And I’m thanking the people at Dav/d K/nd for giving me the opportunity to see in style.

4 Ways Seeing Clearly Has Changed My Life

1.  I hired a cleaning lady.  I didn’t realize how dirty my floor really was.  Like the individual cheerios and crumbs underneath my table.  Didn’t see that before.  Don’t have time to sweep them up.  So it was a dog – or a cleaning lady.  No dog.

2.  Trees actually have individual leaves!  They aren’t just a mushed together bunch of foliage.  So Fall this year was magnificent.  Being able to crisply see it.  Mind blowing.

3.  Street signs.  I can read them in advance.  It’s nice to not have that last minute everyone-hold-on-mama-needs-to-turn-RIGHT-HERE change of direction while driving a mini van.  My kids are happier with me.

4.  My snooping superhero vision capabilities just became infinitely better.  I can now read the emails on the person’s computer sitting next to me at Starbucks.  What?  Did I just write that?  Don’t tell me you don’t look, too.

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  • Bethany Tran November 17, 2014, 11:07 am

    Yessss….. love that your glasses are the Otto!! #OttoMadeMyShoes

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