Freedom for the Party Planners

Yesterday was Jonah’s “friend party”.  In years past, I felt very pressured to make things look perfect.  Pinterest worthy cupcakes, decorations, and more.  But, a few years ago I discovered freedom from perfect parties when I realized that all the prep and DIYing made me entirely too tired to connect with anyone at the party.  I learned to choose people over Pinterest.

Life Hacks Day 12

So this year, we just planned a playdate with 4 of his friends.  We don’t have friends over that often, so it was really fun and really simple.

The party was from 11-1.  Jonah and I woke up early and went out to purchase Kroger cupcakes and balloons/party favors from Party City.  It was a blast to do this with my now-five-year-old.  We got back to the house about 30 minutes before friends arrived and set everything up.  Low key.  High reward.

Friends arrived and they played with Jonah’s toys for an hour.  Everyone got along.  No one was looking around wondering where my homemade piñata was.  We had Little Caesar’s pizza around noon, followed by cupcakes and presents.  Parents were back around 1 to pick up their kids and my boy’s heart was full.

Most of all, my precious time with my family wasn’t consumed with party planning, crafting, or cooking.

Let me give you freedom from Pinterest.  You do not have to be the queen of parties to make an impact on your little one’s birthdays.  Jonah loved the balloons and the friends.  And I loved the stress-free planning and the enjoyment of watching them all play.

Some other easy-going birthday party ideas I’m holding onto for the future: Chuck-E-Cheese (or the like), play time at the park with friends and cake, a trip to the local museum or a movie with friends.  All with a special meal out and cupcakes, of course.

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