Our Annual Sample Sale: Talking Strategy

Annual Sample SALE from Better Life Bags!This one is for the bag lovers.  SPECIFICALLY the ones who love BETTER LIFE Bags.  And the ones that like to buy when things are on SALE. 

We are having – what is turning into – an annual Sample Sale over at Better Life Bags tomorrow (Wednesday, June 25) at 9am EST.  The sale will take place on Instagram for the first round.  If there are any bags left over, we will have a Facebook sale as well!  But in our previous experiences with these “flash sales”, all bags tend to go pretty quick.

Here’s how it’ll work:

1.  Follow @betterlifebags on Instagram TODAY because at 9am EST TOMORROW (Wednesday, June 25th), we will announce the location of the Secret Instagram Pop Up Shop.

2.  You will click on the link to the secret shop and over 90 bags will be waiting for you.  Approximately 1,000 other people will also be rushing the virtual doors of this pop up shop at the same time you are.  It’s kinda like the BLB Black Friday Walmart Edition.  So, you are going to want a strategy.

Strategy Tip #1:  The way you will claim your bag is to leave your PayPal email address in the comment section.  Don’t have one?  Sign up now for one so that you are ready!  PayPal is easy and free and you can pay with credit card through it.

Strategy Tip #2:  Use the Notes app on your phone and type your email address.  Then highlight it and copy it.  That way – when you see a bag you want, you can just paste your email account into the comment section instead of typing it out.  There are Instagram Ninjas out there – and they will be using this exact strategy.  Bags are snatched within seconds sometimes.  Hy-ah!

3.  If you are the first commenter with your PayPal email, we will invoice you later in the day on Wednesday via PayPal.  Payment is due upon receipt.

4.  There is FREE SHIPPING!  No matter how many bags you order, they all will ship FREE!   (Contential US only.  Canada/Alaska/Hawaii will be $8.50 and all International orders will be $25)  So, not only are the bags discounted, but then free shipping on top of it?  This is your moment.

5.  All the bags up for sale are our sample/prototype bags OR have something slightly wrong with them (ex: wrong thread color, leather has a scratch in it, or small needle holes from where we re-did something).  The flaws do not affect the use of the bags – it’s simply aesthetic.  And many of them aren’t noticeable at all – we just tend to be really picky with the bags we send out.  We want them PERFECT, and save the rest for our annual Sample Sale!

6.  Did we mention the custom bag giveaway we are running?  Repost the image you see on this blog post to your Instagram account with #blbsummersale and we will draw one winner who will get to customize her own bag!  The image is also on the @betterlifebags IG account if you want to snatch it there.

If this is your first Instagram Flash Sale – welcome!  We like to do them around here.  They take lots of work on the front and back end, but the rush of the sale is worth it!  See you bright and early tomorrow morning on The ‘Gram!


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  • abby June 24, 2014, 11:54 am

    Hi, Rebecca! I’m concerned about posting my email in the comment section for the sale- isn’t this a problem with spammers/scammers out there?? a little worried about anyone in the public knowing my email address.
    Abby 🙂

    • Rebecca June 24, 2014, 2:06 pm

      Hi Abby! We delete your post as soon as payment is made. And the entire shop is deleted a few days after the sale. So no worries!

      • abby June 24, 2014, 3:52 pm

        ok great, thank you! 🙂

  • Stephanie Macionski June 25, 2014, 7:41 am

    Hi Rebecca, are we able to do this on a desktop as well, I’m at work and can shop online discreetly but shopping on the phone is a bit more….you know….less discreet.

    • Rebecca June 26, 2014, 10:38 pm

      I’m so sorry I missed this comment yesterday! Yes, I suppose scrolling your phone during work hours wouldn’t be great! The bags were gone within 15 minutes – maybe next time you can take a bathroom break! 🙂

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