A Working Plan for Social Media

This one is for the shop owners who have a presence online.  The ones who get overwhelmed with all the social media options.  And want to do it all WELL.This one is for the shop owners who have a presence online.  The ones who get overwhelmed with all the social media options.  And want to do it all WELL.

I got super swimmy and overwhelmed the other day when I thought about all the different social media platforms out there.  Intentionality is so important with each one of them and I really think that we should create content for the different platforms instead of blasting the same post across all of them.  But this is HARD.  And when you are doing it all yourself from behind the Wizard of Oz’s curtain, it seems insurmountable and impossible.

To which I sat down with a new notebook and fun pencils and created a working plan for social media.

I first listed all the platforms that Better Life Bags is currently on (I made a list for both Better Life Bags and Rebecca Smith Online, but am just sharing the BLB scheme right now): Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Blog, and Pippit (the new Instagram/Facebook/Blog Feed social media outlet that started this whole head spin in the first place).

Then I ranked them in order of importance.  From the ones that I consider most important to our brand – to the ones I could forget about if the week gets busy.  And they came out like this:
1. Instagram
2. Facebook
3. Email
4. Pinterest
5. Twitter
6. Pippit
Didn’t make the cut: Blog.  We have recently decided to not have a Better Life Bags blog.  When we moved my personal blog out from under the “Better Life Bags” name and to this cozy Internet home, we decided that brands should either do a blog REALLY well or not even worry about one.  We might opt in for a really great weekly email down the line to replace the blog, but social media is cutting it for us – for now.

Listing them in order of importance to our brand already brought clarity and relief to my soul.  A visual list of all my social media platforms ranked in order of importance.

But I needed to go deeper.

I needed to write out my PLAN for each of those platforms and also decide who on our team is going to be in charge of making sure each plan is executed.  Or who I could hire virtually to help me complete them.

1. Instagram: We post 3-5x a day – something I discovered as successful after following another online brand that does similar.  Our posts are from the #betterlifebags hashtag, behind the scenes images from the workshop, bags in progress, as well as updates about sales, new fabrics, and new bags.  I want to follow our customers and interact with them in an authentic way – to create a community there.  We also answer every question that comes through and stay active in the comments on each of our images.  Katelyn, one of our team members, handles this BEAUTIFULLY!

2. Facebook: I’m really trying to figure out the best way to use Facebook.  I don’t suggest that any brands that don’t currently have a Facebook get one at this point.  But since we have one and have quite the following there, I want to steward it well.  We push Instagram photos to Facebook and I started gathering reviews of certain bags and linking that thread to our shop listing.  You can see an example of this here on our Emily bag.  I will also share blog posts that I write here (or other good ones from around the web) and try to create conversation.  Facebook posts that receive multiple comments have a better chance of reaching more of your following, so I try to create questions or “head to heads” on there that relate to our products.  An example might be:  “Are you a big bag girl – or a small bag girl?  And why?”  I suppose I’m in charge of this platform.

3. Email: I realize that there is a pretty successful way to use email marketing.  I have not figured it out.  But my goal to start this fall is two emails a month with secret sales, email exclusives, how to wear your bag posts, and reviews.  I want to target people who already have purchased a Better Life Bag.  You can sign up for our newsletter here – and see what happens come fall!  I might be looking for a Virtual Assistant to head up this for me!

4. Pinterest: Again -haven’t been super strategic here, but I want to pump up the number of pins coming from the Better Life Bags website.  Pinterest has always been a huge driver of traffic for us.  Did you know you can see all the pins people have pinned from your website by using the URL: www.pinterest.com/source/enteryourwebsite.com ?  Pretty cool, huh?  I want to pin one new bag a day – and since it’s super easy to design a fun bag and pin the actual design I create, there are endless combinations of bags I can pin.  I also want to encourage customers to pin bags that they create/purchase.  Again – maybe a job for a VA.

5. Twitter: My least favorite social media platform.  All I want to do here is push Instagram posts, respond to questions, and retweet mentions and tweets from the #betterlifebags hashtag.  Right now, I can handle this – along with Facebook.  It doesn’t take much time to tend to it and keep the coals warm.

6. Pippit: My experiment.  Not sure what to think of this social media app, yet.  It’s a lot like Instagram, but you can hyperlink to the actual product pictures – which I LOVE.  Right now, my goal is to simply repost what Katelyn posts onto our Better Life Bags Instagram account and see what the results are.  Low investment.  Low risk.

So, if you get overwhelmed thinking about all the socialness that an online business can require, create a simple plan for each one.  Don’t feel like you have to be on every platform, either!  Especially if you are doing it all yourself.  Social media is a great way to get more people interested in your products.  And authentic growth depends on more customers wanting more of what you offer.

Some more resources from around the web:  How to Save Time on Social Media.

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  • dana June 17, 2014, 1:44 pm

    So what’s the best way to build up your instagram following? I’ve only been on it for about a month or so, and am trying to gain followers. I encourage all of my customers to post pics and hashtag #janielanestudio or one of the two others I have connected to certain products, but that hasn’t gained a lot of traffic yet. Is a giveaway best? Thanks for this post! It was helpful.

    • Rebecca June 17, 2014, 3:49 pm

      Besides just time and patience? Giveaways can work. Trading IG shoutouts with other IG people. Posting REALLY great pictures that all have the same aesthetic is really beneficial. People are becoming “picky Insta-followers” with so many feeds to follow – you really need to stand out from the crowd and take amazing photos of whatever it is you are posting. Be intentional with the pictures you put up and consistent. It’ll grow! It just takes time!

  • Anika September 23, 2014, 7:40 pm

    I hadn’t heard about Pippit, so I’m downloading it now to try it. I’m trying to figure out my social media list now so this is really helpful. I need a plan. A list, in order of how I want to post. And time limits, too.

    • Rebecca September 29, 2014, 12:58 pm

      What do you think about Pippit? I haven’t really been using it since I downloaded it. Do you like it?

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