On Turning FOUR

I have a four year old.  It’s just finally setting in.  A four year old who goes to all day preschool.  And while we are enjoying the sweet one-on-one time with Little Lady, school has been taking a toll on me as a mama.

Jonah's Birthday 3_edited-1

I feel like the hard work is just beginning with Jonah.  He mentioned on the ride to school this morning that a boy in his class told him he didn’t want to be friends.

How do you deal with that as a mom?  What do you say?  I feel like my words should be full of grace and understanding but with a pang of truth mixed in.

Not everyone will like you.  He’s not worth being your friend, anyway.  Just kick him in the shins.  Love him anyway.  

Nothing sounds like the right advice.  I knew how to solve all his problems when he was just a baby.  This growing up stuff is hard and I’m searching high and low on Amazon for a manual.

Jonah's Birthday 5

He is still crying every morning that I drop him off and my mama-heart wants to just go scoop him up and take him to work with me.  But I know this is good.

I just didn’t think shooting out my arrows would hurt ME so much.

He turned 4 a few weeks ago and all he wanted for his birthday was a “Surprise Party”!  So, we gave him just that.

He and Clara had been practicing the “SURPRISE” for a few weeks now.  One would pretend to be the birthday boy/girl and the other the party goer.  When the door would open, the party goer would jump out and shout “SURPRISE”!  It’s quite exhilarating on both ends.

Jonah's Birthday 2

The day finally came for his party and my brothers and their wives drove into town for the occasion.   I had the genius idea of using silly string to shoot into the air when he walked in the door to his party.

Bad idea.  Not only was the clean up a nightmare, but I gave the silly strings into the hands of a 8 and 10 year old who incessantly sprayed it at his FACE when he walked in the door.  From two feet away.  The “SURPRISE!” which was meant to be full of joy turned into tears.  Poor buddy.  No more silly string at birthdays.  Lesson learned.

Jonah's Birthday Suprise

He was a trooper anyway and I think his four year old party was a success.  On all ends considering last year I decided to make Smith Kid Birthday Parties less about Pinterest and more about People.


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Jonah Birthday

Hope your October is full of hugs and smiles, too :)

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  • Chelsea October 24, 2013, 10:05 am

    I vote for kick them in the shins! Haha, he’s lucky to have such a sweet family behind him.

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