A Better Life Angel – Win $50 BLB Credit!

Can I just tell you how BIG this thing is getting?  I mean QUICK.  You all are loving your bags and sharing our name and blessing our socks off.

Thought I’d run through a few updates and fun stats and then tie in the title of this post with a way for YOU to get some credit toward a free bag!  Yes.  I said FREE BAG.


  • Last January we sold 40 Better Life Bags (and were ecstatic).  THIS January, we have sold 251 bags SO FAR.
  • Last January I was the only one working for BLB.  THIS January, we have 7 lovely ladies working hard to make your bags.  And you are helping to provide three of them with a dream they never thought could happen: the ability to work and provide for their families.
  • The ONLY states we don’t have a Better Life Bag in is North Dakota, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.  Which means we have multiple bags in 46 US states and countries like Sweden, Australia, Malta, and Canada.  Here is a breakdown of where bags went THIS MONTH:

Jan Sales by State

Shop Updates:

  • We are going to be adding some new fabric at the end of March for Spring.  But that means that we will also be retiring some.  Thirty fabrics will be retiring, to be exact.  So if you have a favorite or have been waiting to order, you might think about getting it now BEFORE the new fabric comes.
  • We have a new website in the works!  It’s going to be completely interactive so that you can actually SEE the bag you are going to order and switch out fabrics with a click of the mouse.  But there is a lot of sweat, time, and money involved in the process – so bear with us until it’s done.
  • This may be old news to you Instagram followers, but we have added four new fabrics over the last few months.  Two shades of Chambray, black and white polka dots, and the coveted and popular stripes!

New Fabrics BLB Angel

Working on:

  • A DSLR camera bag!  Woot Woot!  Set to be finished by the middle of February.  I can’t WAIT for this one.  It’s going to be padded beyond belief and have the option to be a cross body bag OR a backpack – with a standard zippered closure.  Exciting, right?
  • Also working on a cross body option for the laptop and iPad sleeve.  Just a simple add-on to make your favorite techie accessory easier to carry.
  • Just ordered swatches for the Men’s Collection we will be launching in April!  Suuuuper stoked about the look of these bags.  I have a feeling women will want to get their hands all over them, too.  Which is totally fine in my book.

And now some info about this FREE BAG I mentioned up top.  There is an anonymous Better Life customer who has multiple bags of her own and wants to extend this luxury to someone out there who hasn’t been able to order a BLB for whatever reason.  Isn’t that awesome?!

BLB Angel_edited-1

She is donating $25 per month this ENTIRE year to give as a credit to one of YOU to buy your first BLB!  I call her the Better Life Angel.  And because I love her heart so much, I’ll match her gift with $25 of my own!

We will give this credit away EVERY. MONTH. on the blog.  Only NEW customers are allowed to enter.  (Don’t worry – we will be starting some fun contests for those of you who have and love a BLB of your own).  All you have to do to enter is leave a blog post comment!

We will draw a winner on February 1st and will send you a $50 credit to the Shop!  Isn’t our Angel amazing??


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