A Day in the Life

To start.  I suppose I should wish everyone a Happy New Year?  Throw out a “Welcome to 2013!” greeting, huh?  The thought crossed my mind to leave my blog in the year 2012, but I just couldn’t stand not writing.

So here we are.  A post about my day.  Because I’m sure someone out there wishes they were a little fly on my wall to see a day in the life of Better Life Bags, right?  {notice how I didn’t use the “little mouse” reference.  yuck.}

Today is your lucky day.  I documented little moments of our Tuesday here in Better Life land.  Enjoy.

Have I told you about the musical beds game our family plays all night long?  We all start out in our own beds {well, Jonah sleeps on the chair in our room, but it’s been adopted as his own bed}.  At some point Clara will wake up.  The tired mama that I am, I’ll bring her into our full size bed – which usually means Neil moves to the couch.

Jonah wakes up with night terrors almost every night.  Usually, the only remedy is allowing him to also move to the couch.  Neil then makes the hard decision whether to squish his feet up and sleep on the couch or to surrender and come sleep in the full size bed with two girls who love their sleep space.

Day in the Life 14

In either case, we make it to 7:30am.  Jonah usually snoozes until 8 or 9.

7:30 AM – I make breakfast with Clara.  Well, on TUESDAY, I did.  Cooking is my husband’s job.  I’m not good at it.

Day in the Life 13

I use paper plates lately {don’t judge unless you are willing to come over and wash my dishes.  I don’t have time}.

8:30 AM – One thing I HAVE to do every morning?  Make my bed.  Something about just doing that small meaningless task makes the rest of the day stellar.  Plus, walking by our living room turned bedroom (I didn’t tell you that we gave up our bedroom for the BLB workshop?) and seeing that white thing basking in the daylight just brings a smile to my face.  I almost don’t even notice the dirt and dust in that moment.

Day in the Life 12

9 AM – Our babysitter comes on Tuesday mornings so mama can get some work done in the office without worrying about peanut butter stains and spilled sippy cups.  It’s glorious.  And she is wonderful with the kids.  I felt guilty about it for the first few weeks, but then realized that my kids are getting such quality play time with her.  Plus, she does a load of laundry for me, too.  I know.  Lucky.

Day in the Life 10

9:30 AM – He’s still asleep.

I get dressed and start working.  Ashley also comes on Tuesday mornings to do some work with me.  I can’t believe how much work we can get done with two of us working together.  Speed demons, I tell ya.

Day in the Life 9

10 AM – She has a snack and waits for her brother to wake up.

Day in the Life 7

Because, yes.  He’s still asleep.

1 PM – Internet guy comes to install workable internet.  Thank the LORD.  Now I can go check out The Influence Network Forums!  {Haven’t heard of it?  Check it out.  I’ll see you over there.}

2 PM – Work is done.  29 bags one more step closer to completion.

Day in the Life 6

Day in the Life

2:30 PM – Sweet peanut takes a nap, Jonah has quiet time in his room {he did finally wake up}, and I catch up on emails.  Never. Caught. Up.

Day in the Life 2

3 PM – Let’s be honest.  It’s hard to get a toddler to play independently in his room very long.  He’s out and we are cuddling on the couch catching up on Super Hero Squad.  I’m checking Instagram.

4 PM – Daddy comes home, Clara wakes up, and the chaos starts.  Wrestling, playing, attempting to get dinner cooked, clean up, and bath time.

Day in the Life 3

6 PM – Ashley comes back to clock another 3 hours in the office.  We work ALL. DAY. my friends.  I sit down to relax a little.  Sometimes I feel guilty that Ash is working while I sip wine and catch up on Parenthood.  But other times I think it’s really healthy that I force myself to stop and just rest.

Day in the Life 4

So, there you have it.  A day in the life of me, our family, and the business.

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