Our Christmas Lesson

Before it turns 2013 and my blog resembles the pile of Christmas Cards on my table that never got sent out, I better do a quick recap of Christmas in picture form.

I know that the purpose of Christmas is wrapped up in the person of Jesus.  The SAVIOR who came to save us from the horrible state of wretchedness that we find ourselves in.

And honestly, I don’t understand how presents fit into the picture.  But, we do them anyway.  Because there is something magical about the Christmas Morning.  And their faces of anticipation and excitement.

Christmas Recap 4

A small part of me doesn’t think God is upset about it – the other part feels really unsettled that I might be adding to the idol of materialism in their little lives.

Christmas Recap 3

And then the flying helicopter entered and taught me (and him) a Christmas lesson.  It was the only gift he had asked for.  And out of the piles he received, it was also the only one that broke.  After only 4 short flights.

Christmas Recap1

It was sad.  For everyone.  Uncle included.  And as Jonah cried about the loss of life in his helicopter, he sat on my lap and we talked about contentment.  We talked about being thankful for the time that we DID have with the helicopter.  And he was ok.

No temper tantrum.  No fit.

The beginnings of a heart shaped around thankfulness rather than things.

Because I don’t think the answer is avoiding all presents and materialism that this culture throws into our faces.  But I do think it is teaching our children how to exist in the world of commercials without coveting and WANTING.

Each Christmas will probably provide me with another teachable moment about gifts.  I’m happy with how this years went.

The rest of Christmas was spent having quality family time and a halt to the busy.

And, of course, the annual Christmas cookie decorating – put together in video form.  (click over to the site if you’re reading this is Google Reader or the like).

{View the video here if it won’t load on the site).

Don’t worry, the health department has approved our method of decorating.  Totally sanitary.


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